Sweet Ice Orchard Color Palette

Stampin Up Pastel Color Palette

I am not a cold weather person.

Even though I grew up in PA and winter was never complete without the building of an igloo, which took hours, out in the freezing cold. So cold that when we finally came inside I would say that I was melting when the tingling started in my fingers and toes.

Now I prefer cuddling inside with my warm sweaters and hot cup of coffee in my hands while Dan goes out to play in the snow with the kids.

Not that it snows much here in NC. In fact, this winter has been so delightfully mild!

It helps that we missed the coldest weekend while we were enjoying summer in South Africa.

This color combo reminds me of icy weather conditions, but it’s still puts a smile on my face!

Join me in the fun as you use these colors to make your own creation. To play along, use hashtag #orchardcolor on instagram or post a link to your photo in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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