7 Reasons Why You Should Use Doilies on Your Next Handmade Card

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Stampin’ Up embellishments are often overlooked in favor of the beautiful stamps and papers. But embellishments can change the look of your card instantly, in a good way. Doilies are one of the ways to add some interest to your next card. Here are seven ways why you should try one out.

  1. Color – Whether you want bold and bright, shiny and metallic, or subtle and dainty, there are doilies for you.
  2. Texture – Do a search on Pinterest for living room decor and you will quickly notice that the rooms that stand out have lot’s of different textures. By using pillows, rugs, baskets, and other decor items, texture stands out. The same thing happens on a smaller scale when you add different textures to your cards.
  3. Layering – It is possible to go overboard on layers, but don’t be afraid to try it out. It’s almost better to have more than not enough when it comes to layering. The delicate white doilies are subtle enough to add some oomph, but not go overboard.
  4. Unique – Doilies on cards sounds kind of weird at first, but once you try it you’ll want to use them on every card.
  5. Versatile – Try using doilies whole, cut in half, or cut in pieces. Each shape adds a different look to your cards.
  6. Inexpensive – $3-$6 for each pack of doilies goes a long way, especially if you cut them up.
  7. Easy to use – Just put some adhesive on the back and stick it on. You can use mini glue dots or the fine tip glue pen for easy adhering.

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